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Gay Gaddis watches Texas skies. She grew up in east Texas among farmers and ranchers who depended on the weather – the main topic at any meal. Painting skies and landscapes takes her back to memories of the wonderful people who helped raise her.

Gay’s bold landscape paintings are the intersection of her inner creative spirit and the vast Texas Hill Country. She faces driving rain, wind, scorching sun and moonlit skies to capture what she sees in the moment.

Survival, destruction and renewal are part of everyday life in the Hill Country, and Gay has had her share of each as an artist and entrepreneur. As the founder of T3 (now called Material), Gay built and grew her business into the largest female-owned independent advertising agency in the country. Gay is also the best-selling author of Cowgirl Power: How to Kick Ass in Business & Life, empowering the next generation of business leaders. 

Throughout it all, Gay never abandoned her passion for painting. In fact, she credits her business acumen to training as an artist and draws most of her inspiration from her family’s Longhorn ranch, the Double Heart Ranch, home of Fossil Ridge Art Studio & Gallery, her private sanctuary for creative thinking.

Gay’s vibrant paintings have captured the attention of notable art collectors and critics around the world. Her work has been featured in several prestigious galleries including the Curator Gallery in New York City, Octavia Art Gallery in Houston, Submerge Gallery in Austin and Worrell Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Texas Monthly magazine featured Gay as one of “10 Artists to Collect Now” and her work has been recognized by Paper magazine as one of “10 Must-See Art Show Openings,” Artnet in “What I buy and Why” and Tribeza magazine as “5 Art Exhibitions You Don’t Want to Miss.”

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Fossil Ridge Art Studio & Gallery

Located on Double Heart Ranch, Fossil Ridge is the home of Gay’s private art studio and gallery approximately one-hour northwest of Austin. With breathtaking Hill Country views, Fossil Ridge was purposefully designed as a gathering place for private events, retreats and seasonal art exhibitions.


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