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Crystal Blue Persuasion

The Blues (in a Good Way)

As an artist, I’m constantly studying color, how it makes us feel and how to mix and blend hues to depict what I see in nature. Blue is interesting as it’s considered the world’s most popular color and yet the word “blue” is associated with sadness and gloom dating back to the 17th century. Phrases like “blue Monday” and “feeling blue” have given this beloved shade a bad name, as psychologists say it evokes feelings of … Read More

Golden Hour Newsletter


I love to travel and while I enjoyed the beautiful, snowy landscape of Iceland, I longed for a warm spring sunset at the ranch. This painting, “Golden Hour” captures one of my favorite times of the day when the air cools and the sun slowly slides into the horizon. Iceland’s windchill of negative 20 degrees had me daydreaming of getting back to my front porch view of the Texas Hill Country. Featured: Golden Hour, 16×18 inches framed … Read More

The Winds of Change

Embracing Change

As a sky gazer, I’m always listening to the weather report in anticipation of an awe-inspiring view to paint. In this piece, “The Winds of Change,” you can see the transition from blue skies filled with sunshine, to swirling dark clouds as a storm rolls in.  Change is inevitable in all aspects of life. This is something we all have to accept and the best leaders learn to embrace it. I painted this brooding sky … Read More

Artist of the Year

A Bite of the Big Apple

After decades in the trenches leading my company, T3, it was thrilling to return to my work as an artist. It wasn’t easy, but after endless days painting in the hot Texas sun, I was invited to host a one-woman art show at The Curator Gallery in New York City.  I spent months painting my “Sky Descending” collection and weeks inviting everyone I knew to the opening. Walking into that art show was one of … Read More

Roses and Bluebirds


My husband, Lee has always said, “It is not all roses and bluebirds as we go through life. We have to expect some rough times, but luckily we do have roses and bluebirds to pull us through.” I named this piece after that sentiment. While some days are not as lovely, there are bright days in our future. On this particular day as I painted, the clouds reminded me of colorful happy times filled with … Read More

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