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Hill Country Notecard Collection

Nothing Replaces a Handwritten Note

Many businesses, especially nonprofits, understand the power of handwritten notes. While it might seem like an ‘old school’ idea that our mother or grandmother taught us, take a moment to consider the value of this small gesture. When someone goes out of their way to handwrite a letter, it makes you feel special and appreciated. That letter and the person who wrote it, stands out amongst a sea of emails. We talk about this practice … Read More

Small Paintings Holiday Newsletter

Good Things Comes in Small Packages

From happy fields of wildflowers and glorious rose-colored sunrises, to the golden hour captured on canvas, my small paintings cover a wide range of skies and moods. Paired with an easel or set in a deep shadowbox frame, each painting makes a statement while fitting into any space, big or small. As you check off your shopping list, I hope you’ll browse my Shop of artwork and gifts, and take advantage of our special gift with purchase. To … Read More

Things Are Looking Up

Uplifting Outlook

It has been almost a decade since I returned to my roots as an artist and in this time, I’ve developed my tried and true methods of painting that has served me well. However, I recently experimented to capture a new view. One sunny day, I spread out a blanket on the grass, laid down and gazed up at the sky for what seemed like hours. What a difference. Seeing the clouds from a different … Read More

I Hear Rolling Thunder Revised

Music To My Ears

While I certainly could listen more in business and life, as a rancher, I am always listening for one sound: thunder. It is music to my ears. Not only does thunder usually mean much needed rain and ranch dogs jumping into my bed for safety, it also means an exhilarating view out my window. During a good storm, like in this painting, you can see sheets of rain running across the horizon. The clouds, full … Read More

Highlights Lifestyle

Small, but Mighty (Like Me!)

When I first started painting again, I focused on large canvases. The grand size felt appropriate with the grandeur of Texas views. However, recently, I’ve fallen in love with small canvases. They’re challenging because one wrong brushstroke can ruin a piece, but there’s something awesome about shrinking a massive sky down to a pint size piece of art.  This painting, “Highlights,” is one of my most popular sizes, 3×9 inches. The long rectangular shape creates … Read More

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