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Fiesta Time

Party Girl

Between football games, speaking engagements and Texas Exes soirées, I’ve been living an extrovert’s dream with an action-packed schedule of events every week. It reminded me of this painting, “Fiesta Time,” when the sky looked just as lively as my schedule these days. The colors practically dance off the canvas, making me want to turn up the music and celebrate. Featured painting: Fiesta Time, 14×11 inches, framed acrylic on canvas. — Gay Gaddis Founder. Author. ... Read More

Sunset Superman

Up, Up & Away

With layers of my favorite burnt orange shades cascading down, I named this painting “Sunset Superman,” because it truly saved the day. It was blistering hot and I was dog-tired after a long week, and then I stepped out onto my deck to witness this breathtaking view. Featured painting: Sunset Superman, 14×7 inches, framed acrylic on canvas. — Gay Gaddis Founder. Author. Artist. Trailblazer. SIGN UP! Receive Gay’s blog posts in your inbox by joining her ... Read More

Rain Dance

Let It Rain

It’s still ‘hot, hot, hot,’ but as fall marches in, much-needed rain usually follows to cool things down. So, I decided to share this striking painting entitled, “Rain Dance” to bring us some luck in the rain category. Well, it makes me feel better looking at it anyway. When you see this beauty up close, you can feel the power in those churning clouds and intense sky. Breathtaking skies like this are often seen at ... Read More

Dawn's Early Light

Perpetually Dreaming of Tomorrow

Many artists have tricky subjects, but nothing is more unpredictable than capturing Texas landscapes as each day presents a unique sky to put on canvas. Since I never know when or where the perfect view to paint will appear, I keep my art supplies stocked and a fresh canvas on my easel. Thankfully, I was prepared as I welcomed the most stunning morning sky when I painted this piece entitled, “Dawn’s Early Light.” My studio ... Read More

Hot Pursuit

Hotter Than Heck Fire

The heat this summer has been particularly brutal and when I paint outdoors, extreme temperatures can almost cause my paint to coagulate before it reaches the canvas. So, here’s a closing Cowgirl Homespun Hint… No matter the temperature, I use rainwater for mixing my acrylic paints. Tap water is said to contain nine different common chemicals ranging from chlorine and fluoride to herbicides and lead. However, I’ve found something unique in rainwater. Perhaps it’s the ... Read More

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