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Silver Linings Collection

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With all things in life, I am in search of the silver lining. The beauty found in Texas’s wild landscape and powerful skies, can be illusive at first, but in an instant, the light changes and the unmistakable beauty appears more brilliant than one can imagine. This is a collection of hidden beauty revealed, as I painted isolated on our Double Heart Ranch during the historic pandemic.


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Keep the Faith Painting

Keep the Faith

11×14 inches | $1,300

Rain Dance Painting

Rain Dance

19×25 inches | $2,300

hope springs eternal

Hope Springs Eternal Diptych

8×16 inches each | $2,100

every cloud has a silver lining

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

16×20 inches | $1,900

Things Are Looking Up Painting

Things Are Looking Up

18×18 inches | $2,000

Jeweled Kalleidoscope

Jeweled Kaleidoscope

20×30 inches | $2,700

light at the end of the tunnel

Light at the End of the Tunnel

11×14 inches | $1,300

Gliding Through Sahara Sand Diptych

Gliding Through Sahara Sand Diptych

20×16 inches each | $3,600

Sunset Superman Painting

Sunset Superman

14×7 inches | $1,000

the winds of change

The Winds of Change

24×36 inches | $4,000

Crystal Blue Persuasion Painting

Crystal Blue Persuasion

16×20 inches | $1,900

coming home 1

Coming Home

8×16 inches | $1,100

I Hear the Thunder Rolling Painting

I Hear the Rolling Thunder

10×10 inches | $1,005

Smoke From a Distant Fire

Smoke From a Distant Fire

10×10 inches | $1,005

Juiced Kite Painting

Juiced Kite

8×10 inches | $900

Looking West Counting Stars Painting

Looking West Counting Stars

30×40 inches | $4,200

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