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The Blues (in a Good Way)

Crystal Blue Persuasion Newsletter

As an artist, I’m constantly studying color, how it makes us feel and how to mix and blend hues to depict what I see in nature.

Blue is interesting as it’s considered the world’s most popular color and yet the word “blue” is associated with sadness and gloom dating back to the 17th century. Phrases like “blue Monday” and “feeling blue” have given this beloved shade a bad name, as psychologists say it evokes feelings of peacefulness and calmness. 

Tranquility is what I feel when I enjoy this painting with streaks of teal and turquoise drifting down to the horizon. You can feel the fading sun peering through the pale pink and purple band at the bottom. I named this piece “Crystal Blue Persuasion,” because the cascading colors draw you in for a closer look.

Featured: Crystal Blue Persuasion, 16×20 inches framed acrylic on canvas, $1,900.

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