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a collection OF RECIPES By My mother, Dottie Warren

[VIDEO] In 1980, my mother, Dottie, handmade a priceless recipe book for me with a darling hand-drawn illustration on the cover and mimeographed recipes by her and friends. To honor Dottie’s labor of love, we recreated this treasure into a 30-page booklet featuring 49 classic recipes, some dating back to the 1930s! From recipes for dove and duck fresh from a hunt, to old-fashioned fruit salads, biscuits, brittles and Christmas tree-shaped cheese balls—editing this book was a delicious walk down memory lane.

All proceeds of this item will be donated to Emancipet, a nonprofit near and dear to Dottie’s heart, offering affordable veterinary care nationwide. Purchase a copy or receive a free copy with $250 purchase >

Gay Gaddis’s One-Woman Art Show in NYC

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