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Nothing Replaces a Handwritten Note

Hill Country notecards

Many businesses, especially nonprofits, understand the power of handwritten notes. While it might seem like an ‘old school’ idea that our mother or grandmother taught us, take a moment to consider the value of this small gesture. When someone goes out of their way to handwrite a letter, it makes you feel special and appreciated. That letter and the person who wrote it, stands out amongst a sea of emails.

We talk about this practice in the “Executive Presence” portion of a McCombs School of Business program that I teach. Therefore, when considering gift items to feature my artwork, notecards were at the top of my list. Each collection features five of my Texas skyscape or landscape paintings to share with others.

I talked about my current Hill Country Notecards Collection in this short video, as I caught up on my correspondence with colleagues, friends and family. > Watch video

I also hope you enjoy my mother’s recreated, “Christmas Collection” recipes. All proceeds from this cherished item will benefit Emancipet, offering affordable veterinary care nationwide. You can also enjoy a free copy when you spend $250 or more. Simply add the recipe booklet to your cart and use the promo code “DOTTIE” at checkout. 

Featured: Hill Country Notecard Collection, set of 10 cards featuring five Texas Hill Country paintings; and Christmas Collection, 49 recipes, 30-page booklet.

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